February 25th, 2007
Gallery Noack 

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Gallery Noack, Mönchengladbach

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August 24th, 2006

Studio visit



Schnocks-Meusen, Viersen

Studio visit at Klaus Schnocks-Meusen
Thursday, August 24th, 2006, 18.30 hours

Museumsverein Mönchengladbach, Klaus Schnocks-Meusen
Trip 77, oil on canvas, 90 x 90 cm, 2005

Apart from the the chance to participate in occasional walkabouts to the artists studios and visits to other such open house events, the general public hardly ever gets a chance to view and acquaint themselves with the works of many an artist living and working in Mönchengladbach and environs. Consequently, their work is hardly known beyond the local region. To help remedy this situation, the Museum Society (Museumsverein) offers the public a chance to discover for themselves the artists and their works in the course of casual dialogue at get-togethers held at intermittent intervals *in the artist’s studios. Participants are given the opportunity and are encouraged to conclude these get-togethers with a change of venue with a post-get-together drink or dinner. Partcicipants are requested to organise transport themselves – car-pools are recommended. Admission-free

Artist Klaus Schnocks-Meusen (born 1954), resident of Neersen, Germany, overlays in his works various widely divergent spatially and temporally disparate levels of reality to create a dense compositional texture of exceeding depth and intricacy. In this manner, visions are created that relate to each other in ways beyond the conventional standpoint of space-time relationships, melding disparate perspectives into one complex manifold. In allusion to Philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer’s conception of Hermeneutics, Schnocks-Meusen designates these processes as "Horizontverschmelzungen" – the fusion of horizons.

Christian Krausch

Time: 18.30 Uhr
Alte Manufaktur Viersen, Atelier Klaus Schnocks-Meusen (the artist’s studio), Sittarder Straße 63, D - 41748 Viersen.
Kindly inform us briefly beforehand if you would like to visit us at this time.

Hotline for the Studio Open House +0049 – (0)177 - 7368528 (Christian Krausch)

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