Der Vitruvianische Reflex


Thematic environment


Der Vitruvianische Reflex

Of the Papyrus Ebers, the largest book role for the medicine Altägyptens up to the double helix (DNA), the greatest biological discovery of the last 50 years




1st papyrus Ebers (triptych on the left )

The history of the medicine can be traced back by 5000 years. The oldest received sources at which we finally stop are few traces which report of the past on stone and papyrus, parchment and paper.

In 1873 the German purchased Egyptian box Georg Ebers in Theben (Egypt) a papyrus role, this one originally Egypt completely represented the most extensive medical papyrus of the old in condition rolled up. One could describe him as a kind of medicine book.

He is about 3550 years old and is a compendium, a collecting handwriting of medical contents. The calendar also contributes once paleography to the dating on the papyrus back to which Amenophis I. belongs in the rule, on the other hand.

Altogether, the papyrus contains 811 formulae against medical sufferings and lists 700 different medicine. You give evidence, that of this the everyday worries and needs of the people have not changed so much anyway.

On the one hand, the papyrus Ebers his name Ebers after the describing substance papyrus, on the other hand the surname the Egyptian boxes Georg Ebers. He is written in hieratischer document. Hieratisch is an abbreviated Hieroglyphen-Document written in italics with rush and ink on a brush capable underground (papyrus, clay, wood etc.). The document goes to the left from the right. Both black and red ink was used. For the handling the papyrus part in 29 differently large pieces was cut.

Today's storage place is the university library Leipzig.


2nd DNA, double helix (triptych on the right )

The history of the DNA starts only few years before the discovery of the papyrus Ebers. The  biologist Friedrich Miescher (Basel) discovers a strange substance in 1869. He calls her Desoxyribonucleinsäure. Which biological function could have her, remains secret to him.

It shall last for 75 years, to the research recognizes that the DNA must be the strap of the genes. The results discover scepticism because everything chemists found out about the construction of the DNA since Mieschers discovery does not speak at all for this that she could be the genes. Is certain at the end of the forties definitely: The DNA is the genes.

The DNA research is in a dead end: One knows the components of the DNA not knows, however, as these are connected spatially. Francis Crick and James D. Watson find the structure of the DNA, the double helix, only in 1953. Watson and Crick managed to decode the spatial structure of the most important molecule of the life, the genes. The genetic code could already be derived from this spatial structure few years later; the structure was the prerequisite to recognize the information which is saved in the DNA is used like and on which way.

Two prominent stages of the medicine history. The first marks the beginnings, perhaps the second marks the beginning of a new person or lifetime.

3rd aspects to the thematic environment

With the modern homo sapiens the evolution has as it were dismissed her children! The natural formed biotope the species by selection and/or customization till now.

Man turns over this development. He changes the day rooms and a new one creates herself, synthetic environment. This process happens so fast that it is questionable whether man as a biological nature can hold step with these created innovations for the duration, measured in terms of geological time periods. The modern person is caught in the jungle of his zivilisations. By information fullness, mobility chaos and global networking time hardly remains for customization. Is there an end of the evolution? Does the gene manipulation lead to the cloned person? How big is the lunatic asylum of the possibilities? Where does the art of the idleness remain?

The cultural variety on all continents of this earth and the genetic potential connected with that should not be put in the scale of the progress thoughtlessly. One already knows this weighed measured and for to.... It once more and Leonardos vitruvianischer person throws his ideal shadow to the country of the beautiful proportions wahnt.

The vitruvianische reflex

The look into the mirror, a brief moment, the copy, more as only an evolutionary cell heap. Are not?! we the sum of our ancestors we do not put our own biological genetic experiences in the hands of our descendants?

Therefore is not it surprising if what concerns origin and development according to his natural curiosity behaviour gives way and on an adventurous search goes man (almost already one genetically conditional order)?

This one, backwards directional a bipolar search investigate the sources of the origin and the look venture at the same time forwards in the future. We move along a time line know for us around our ancestors in the secrets and this only slowly and our origin, through the millennia this one initiates. The history of the medicine is regarding this, also a chronicle of solved secrets about man and his troubling to understand himself.

At the beginning of this story we find the oldest medicine book of the world, the papyrus Ebers. Another outstanding milestone is the deciphering of the DNA structure, the greatest biological discovery of the last 50 years. Although a distance of over 3000 years of human progress is located between these two stations the human psyche, this one in the antiquity as a youthful female shape, often has himself together with Eros (according to the fairytale of Apuleius » «) in Roman time Cupid and psyche was represented, hardly changes.

It was already in the antiquity so said "a healthy spirit in a healthy body". One knew of the combination of body and soul.

The slogan is valid today: " Fit for fun ". The divine proportions to vitruvianischem example are a new and also old scale around man's body cult.

Perfection is striven for in a world which catapults in the digital virtual rhythm out of man from his natural biotope to the evolution free zone where the ideal person lives in the ideal town.

We must learn these ideals to handle. So the digital media age grants us but boundless liberty regarding the global networking and the individual and at every time of available data retrieval, but the examination on degree of truth remains on the outside. Meaning and nonsense are often interwoven with each other so that the modern person runs the risk of going astray in the jungle of his Zivilisationsdschungels.

It is also to kick back once a step more wisely often. We see the information fullness, the mobility chaos and the global lunatic asylum where cultural variety and genetic potential should not be put in the scale of the progress so thoughtlessly, looked out of the distance only in such a way. The modern person will have to stand the ground in this extremely complex field of activity.

Accompanied by these pre-thoughts a picture cycle arose from different prospects, meaning levels and painting layers with an extremely complex effect network. This compositional density was necessary to entrust her secrets to pictures which.

Very various visual combinations which have to be split up by balances again in many layers arose from various processes of fusion. Transparency and density come bipolarly.

All details of the so multilayered pictures explaining in detail meaning of this short introduction does not want to be. To this these are too many. These shall show compositions laid out as endless stories that his represents the perpetual movement, the process, in the end the engine everyone. Finally find vision and form to each other in this.

Klaus Schnocks-Meusen, 1954*, lives and works in Willich and Viersen

Technique: Oil on canvas, 6x (200 x140 cm), 2005